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19 Apr 2015 Prof. Zhao Zhenkai (Bei Dao), honorary professor of the Faculty of Arts, was awarded the Golden Wreath Award, the Struga International Poetry Festival's highest honour, on 20 March. He is the second Chinese poet to receive the award. Founded in 1962, Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia is one of the
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12 Jun 2011 Prof. Bei Dao (Zhao Zhenkai), Professor of Humanities, Centre for East Asian Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), was recently conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.) by Brown University, USA, during its 243rd Commencement for his outstanding achievements and
Distinguished Professor-at-Large. Professor Pai Hsien-yung. 3943 7107. prof zz. Honorary Professor. Professor Zhao Zhenkai (Bei Dao). 2/F, Fung King Hey Building The Chinese University of Hong Kong Tel: 3943 7107. Fax: 2603 5621. Email:
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Bei Dao (1949- ) - pseudonym of Zhao Zhengkai Chinese poet, who became in the 1970s the poetic voice of his generation. Bei Dao's education was interrupted by the Cultural Revolution. He was a political activist but later lost his enthusiasm, and started to write as an alternative to his early actions. His central themes are